Meaning is Dead!

Meaning is dead and we have killed him! It was not in our universities, schools, and books, that he was murdered, though he was greatly wounded! No! It was in our screens, our trashy novels, our advertisements, our newspapers. That was what killed him! Do not blame the epistemology of the Modern or Post-Modern Philosopher as the weapon that killed him. For how can meaning live in an age like ours?
Magic! It is an age of magic surely! I stimulate my brain and eyes with the most idiotic of wonders, no matter my age I can find a temporary delight to suite me. Comedy to drown my sorrows more potent than whiskey! Romance to drown my need for companionship! Melodrama to drown out my need for Tragedy! Trivia to drown my need for wisdom and understanding! Noise to drown out both silence and music! Images everywhere to drown out my need for Vision or Beauty!
Magicians are we all, for we speak and create, and it is trivial! For meaning is dead, we stole his power to maintain, that we may create with every breath countless new things that once were defined. All is now flux and stagnation! Community, Liberty, Hope, Love, Despair, Virtue, Vice, Life, Death, Wisdom, Folly and God; behold we change what they are with every sound and word! All is now trite and trivial, but how wondrous! Politicians, Priests, Philosophers and everyone else are now free to be forced into Actors, but those once merely Actors must now fulfill those roles, so all are both slaves and free. I say therefore I may be, but it matters not for Meaning is dead.


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