The Blue Rose

You would seek and pray for wisdom? You would ask Heaven to pour out discernment and understanding upon you? Dear Friend, do you know of what you ask? The high cost of such a priceless treasure?

It is to endure great suffering. To be afflicted with fiery barbs upon all sides. To wander through terrifyingly fearsome storms with no direction. To walk upon rocks like piercing daggers. To journey through dark, deep valleys and to climb deadly peaks with blood drenched hands. Prepare yourself for these and the biting cold of long, abyss like nights of the soul.

For all wisdom flows from Christ’s nail torn hands. To ask for wisdom then is to ask to share more in His sufferings. To partake in His pain and shame. To perceive for yourself, a beautiful yet ugly world and all its vexing absurdity. You ask to understand by that cruel teacher whose name is Experience. To feel inside your breast, Christ’s weakness and victory.

My Friend, if you would grasp the priceless Blue Rose, you will first feel the bitter bite of the bloodstained thorn.


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