Faith, a Simple Word

Faith. It is but a simple word that points to a mysterious force, greater than any ancient spell or esoteric incantation. A genuine faith that ever flows like a mountain spring, among things a man may be blessed with, few are its peers.

For it grants vision that sees past the world’s absurdities. Mountains become valleys, deserts become oases, deadly paths become a training ground, dark pits become serene chapels, the waters of death become a baptism into life eternal.

It defends its possessor as well. Enemies cannot harm him, traitors cannot hurt him, armies flee from him, devils take flight from him. For the one blessed with true faith can be only wounded but briefly and his body groans for the resurrection. But to the eyes of faith and eternity, this is but a brief dark night, that the light of dawn shall soon scatter to the four winds upon entrance into that perfect beatific vision which true faith seeks.


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