Interview with a Noble Koi

pexels-photo-213399.jpeg            I was walking by a pond and stopped to feed some of the koi fish living therein. The fish immediately began to swarm, gladly devouring all I gave, until their rations dwindled, and slowly began to leave. A rather regal looking koi with gold like scales and long elegant whiskers remained, moving around in a circle in a genteel manner. I was puzzled by something I witnessed by his kind, so I spoke to him, “Kind Sir, I perceive by your countenance, that you are a koi of a noble sort. Would you therefore, answer a question about you and your kind?”

The fish gracefully swam up to the top of the water to the water and replied, “I rarely converse with humans as you are an impatient lot, but you clearly have a good eye as you recognized my nobility of frame. Therefore, state your question and I will do my best to answer.” Gratefully I quickly produced my question, “Sir, I notice you koi always seem to rush to humans in anticipation of food without a single care or concern, how is it that you can behave such a way?” The Koi twitched his whiskers a bit vexed by the question, “Why would should we behave differently, human? Explain your question if you would please.” I sputtered out an answer, “Well… Aren’t you worried if a human poisoned your food or was luring you out to capture you or some such mischief?” With a slow flutter of his fin he replied, “That is true and you yourself could be up to some wickedness too. But it seems rather foolish to worry about such matters. I understand even less your point than before.”

Quickly I retorted, “’Foolish to worry about such matters’?! I see it was vain of me to ask a fish in a quiet little pond with so little troubles.!” The Koi spun around and then thundered back, “Bah! So typical of humans, each one of you thinks you have a monopoly on the world’s troubles! A bird could swoop down and eat me at any moment, this pond’s water could become toxic to my kind over time, almost every year some of my offspring are eaten by different types of creatures and even my own kin! Would you have me list further sources of trouble that I either will or might face?” “Then how do you live with such seeming serenity? You should be anxious every hour!” I replied. The Koi splashed and said, “What Nonsense! Do you believe there is no Sovereign God in Heaven who rules all, that He did not send His Son to die, that that Son is not now alive mediating on your behalf in Heaven, that he did not send the Holy Spirit as a seal, that He did not bless you with His word to guide and feed you?!”

I was almost unable to form my response, “Of course, I believe and know such things.” The Koi was dumbfounded and after some moments of silence responded solemnly, “If that is so, then my initial judgment was wrong and you are a fool who I pity; for you have every possible proof that any evil you face or could face is ultimately for your good, that you are provided for every moment, and that you are loved with a love larger than all the seas by the Father. I cannot understand how you cannot walk through even the darkest and coldest storm, gladly receiving it all with a deep joyful hope in God and trust in providence. I am one of the greatest of my kind, but I would cheerfully give up everything to be the lowliest Christian among mankind without a moment’s hesitation.” And with that the Noble Koi stole slowly away into the depths, his scales shining brighter than before.


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