My Psalm 55

O Lord of Heaven, hear my voice and listen to my cry!

For I am sore vexed in mind and my heart is in tumult.

Bring peace to my soul and let me take shelter under your wings as an infant!


Yea, for foolish ones who are bound in chains and would blindly bind others surround me.

Of double mind are they, and deceitful to their own souls.

They lament of ill in the hearts of others but are thrice as sickly themselves.

Believing themselves to be physicians but administering poisoned wine to me and my kin in ignorance.


My God, when will you reprove these blind guides?

Why do you wait to replace darkened eyes Lord?

How long must I endure disquiet in soul?


But you are wise and see all clearly.

You know when is the time to bring correction to the simple.

You do not turn away from my pleas and sorrows.

But have counted every sigh of my spirit.

For you are the author of providence Lord.

Folly shall not endure forever and my tumult shall be made still, for you are just and gracious and shall remember your covenant O God of Abraham.


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